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Jul 28, 2018 · 10 min read

The Strategic Partnerships of Tomochain

This entry into a series of posts about the development of the Tomochain ecosystem is going to focus on the strategic partnerships that have been established to date. This post will continually be updated to ensure that all material related to Tomochain Strategic Partnerships is located in one place.

Veloxchain: Veloxchain, another highly reputable, open source protocol is seeking to democratize the global mobility market. In partnering with Tomochain, Veloxchain will provide further research into the Proof of Stake Voting (PoSV) consensus mechanism. The partnership will also bring together and share resources towards marketing, networking, blockchain research and business development opportunities.

Portal Network: This latest partnership with Portal Network will work to improve the usability and user experience of Tomochain by establishing a name service on top of the network. Tomochain Name Service a domain name service governed by smart contracts. Once deployed on the network, users can bind their wallets and DApps with a name they choose, thus avoiding human errors while making transactions and exchanging messages. Portal Network will also work hard on building multiple related products such as marketplace, browser extension, KAIZEN and many more. Overall, this is a unique partnership for Tomochain as you can begin to see that steps are beginning to be implemented to ensure optimal usability is achieved once the mainnet is launched.

Faculty of Information Technology, University of engineering and technology, Vietnam National University: This partnership is a collaboration between Tomochain and the faculty of Information Technology (FIT), University of Engineering and Technology, and the Vietnam National University. This university is highly prestigious and are filled with many bright and talented students. By partnering with the school, Tomochain is acting to foster and grow the blockchain community in Vietnam. The partnership is designed to satisfy the growing demand for further blockchain based education and research at the University level, while fuelling further innovation in the industry.

CMC Institute of Science and Technology: “CIST” is a highly reputable enterprise coming out of Vietnam. One of the top technology groups and one of the 500 largest enterprises in Vietnam, CIST and its 25 years of experience is a powerful partner for Tomochain. Past clients and partners of CIST include: Samsung, Acer, Hp, Honda, Dell, The Vietnam Government, banks, customs and many more. In addition to the vast network of contacts, CIST will “cooperate with Tomochain on various technical activities relating to blockchain technology, which vary from developing demo products using blockchain technology, to jointly implementing blockchain projects which will serve the nation-wide client base of CMC.” Overall this is a partnership with a highly respected enterprise that will help Tomochain further blockchain and other technological research.

Savvycom: The top global app developer and software services provider in Vietnam, Savvycom is a very reputable company with a global outreach. With a proven track record of building 300+ premium mobile apps for hundreds of international clients, it is clear that this partnership will provide Tomochain the opportunity to network and develop a reach that extends to enterprises on a global scale. Additionally, Tomochain will gain access to Savvycom’s biggest strength, AI technology research and deployment. Overall this strategic partnership between Tomochain and Savvycom will provide a high level of access to strong technical resources, as well as business connections to hundreds of potential global enterprises.

Edenchain: Eden is a blockchain-based platform that can be used to capitalize and trade all types of assets through programmable economy technology. With Edenchain being based out of South Korea and Tomochain out of Vietnam, the two ecosystems have a dearth of strategic contacts that can be shared amongst each other. Additionally, with each team possessing a high level of developer talent, both Tomochain and Edenchain will be working together to help develop and “complement each other’s lacking parts”.

Tech in Asia: A media, events and jobs company that since 2011 has served Asia’s tech and startup community. The partnership between the two organizations brings on Tech in Asia founder and ceo Willis Wee to act as an advisor for Tomochain. Wee provides access to a dearth of contacts in Asia, a media company with access to an audience of millions, as well as leadership with regard to HR, logistics, culture and product management.

V-Next Software: A significant partnership on both the technical and business side of the Tomochain ecosystem. Vnext is a project that focuses on AI solutions for businesses. The integration of their AI technology with Tomochain will “help to generate breakthrough solutions related to audit, finance and risk management for the Dapp ecosystem” helping to set Tomochain apart from current Gen blockchains. On the business side of things, a key strategy for the long term success of Tomochain was to enter the Japanese market. A recent report by Autonomous Fintech Research found that Japan internationally leads the way amongst crypto penetration with 83% awareness. This report simply shows just how strong of a blockchain and cryptocurrency market Japan could become.

Vnext with its rich history in Japan is promising to help smooth the entry into Japan while providing access to a high level of Japanese contacts and an understanding of the market. Already the benefits of this partnership have been experienced with Tomochain’s trip to Japan at the beginning of July. Here’s a link to the reddit update provided by the Tomo team about their experience in Japan. Additionally, the Tomochain team is in the process of setting up a permanent office in Tokyo Japan with the plan to continue developing a presence in the market.

0chain: This partnership will act to enable Dapp developers on Tomochain the ability to use 0chain’s fast, free and decentralized cloud storage. This partnership will serve to make Tomochain a more attractive option to developers and businesses and will optimize performance to be able to handle other capabilities of Dapps such as AI that are not usually supported by blockchain. 0chain synergizes quite well with Vnext as the high amounts of data and required storage associated with AI technology will be handled by 0chain.

Kambria: The first blockchain project to build a decentralized open innovation platform and protocol. Kambria as a platform is looking to attract tech enthusiasts, free-lancers, universities, startups and big corporations seeking to build AI and robotics applications. Kambria has chosen Tomochain because of its “instantaneous and frictionless transactions, as well as it’s tested smart contracts”.

Midas Protocol: An ecosystem consisting of three pillars: 1) 3 in 1 midas protocol wallet for storing multi cryptocurrencies and tokens and conducting complex trading activities directly from wallet 2)Midas Foundation as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization that runs on a web-based platform which provides passive income and smart investment opportunities to the Midas Pioneers through rewards, staking and airdrops from projects that are supported and advised by the Foundation 3)VINEX network crypto exchange. All three pillars will be powered by the $MAS token

With Midas being a multi faceted project there is plenty to decipher in how Tomochain and Midas Protocol will benefit from a strategic partnership with each other. The first and most obvious benefit is that the $MAS token which powers the Midas Protocol applications will run on the Tomochain infrastructure allowing for frictionless transactions.

The second and more exciting possibility is the project development and advisory aspect of the Midas Foundation. This pillar will be providing kickstarting, funding, and project guidance for high quality projects ranging from AI, blockchain development, to internet of things and robotics. The key takeaway is that the Midas Foundation with the help of Long Vuong will create a pipeline for high quality projects to be built and operated on top of the underlying Tomochain infrastructure. “Both organizations have much synergy and we share a common goal to contribute to the Blockchain Ecosystem and its wider adoption globally.”

Lastly, utilizing the $TOMO coins raised from the Midas Protocol ICO, the foundation will be running and operating a few of the Tomochain MN’s. This will help to provide MN’s of the highest technological standards, and additionally ensure that the nodes are operated by well intentioned actors who’m will be voted in by the Tomochain and Midas communities.

ORCA Alliance: An open banking platform, “ORCA is a complete ecosystem of digital financial services interacting with each other using API terminals”. By merging crypto wallets with a regular banking account, instant crypto to fiat withdrawals solutions have been shown by ORCA and are planned to be used as a pillar for the ecosystem it is seeking to develop. The ORCA app center aims to be the ‘Google Play’ of the crypto world, allowing different dapps to be showcased and monetized. The ORCA platform is the first of its kind to globally integrate both banking and cryptocurrency accounts, as well as spearhead the growth of the crypto economy. ORCA was a fairly high profile Dapp coming out of Europe that initially planned to build upon the Ethereum blockchain. However, due to scaleability concerns on Ethereum, ORCA is taking advantage of the smart contract compatibility solution offered by Tomochain. The ORCA team felt the need to pivot directions and to switch over from Ethereum to Tomochain. “Tomochain just offers a protocol superior in ways which suit our project precisely…It’s a natural synergy and we’re very excited about this deal.” Interestingly enough it is worth noting that ORCA is one of the first projects to not come out of SE Asia that will be utilizing Tomochain. The implication that can be drawn from this observation is that despite not initially targeting this geographical region of the world, non SE-Asian reputable projects are starting to take notice of the benefits of Tomochain and the leadership of Long Vuong and Co.

Te-FOOD: A farm-to-table traceability solution, covering all logistics and food quality activities and data management of the supply chain. It provides cost effective software and identification tools to make livestock and fresh food supply information transparent. Currently, Te-food is the world’s largest publicly accessible, farm-to-table fresh food traceability solution. Started in 2016, it serves 6000+ business customers, and handles 400,000 business transactions each day. Recently Te-Food performed a fairly high profile search to determine the optimal infrastructure to build upon. Their search was concluded with the choosing of Tomochain due to it scaleability solutions, high TP/S and near zero costs. Together with the help of Long Vuong and the Tomochain team, Te-Food will be building a decentralized food traceability ecosystem application built on the TomoChain infrastructure.

FarmaTrust: Based out of London England, Farmatrust is a “global tracking system which provides security to the pharmaceutical companies, governments, regulators and the public, ensuring that counterfeit drugs do not enter the supply chain.” Another extremely high quality Dapp, FarmaTrust is combining the tools of AI and blockchain to solve problems associated with supply chain management and big data in the pharmaceutical industry. FarmaTrust has already completed it’s ICO and will port over from Ethereum to Tomochain upon successful launch of the mainnet.

Binkabi: A decentralized commodities barter block in emerging markets. With 60% of commodity trading taking place in the East Asian time zone, Binkabi is looking to enter a very large market. In SE Asia in particular there are plenty of small businesses that could benefit from the removal of intermediary actors and the addition of a frictionless network provided by Tomochain that would save valuable time and money.

Big Bom Eco: A decentralized advertising platform, Big Bom is looking to build upon Tomochain to provide its users with fast, near zero fee transactions. Big Bom is seeking to tap into a $269BN global market of digital advertising and just successfully completed its ICO.

Triip Miles: Triip is an online impact-travel company, founded in 2014 in Singapore and serves the market with the very first model of exploring culture tours. Triip has been extremely capital efficient, leveraging on its core team and just US$34K in ad spending to achieve US$1.2 M in revenue and 100k+ users. Triip is an existing profitable business that is seeking to launch it’s own cryptocurrency and dapp as a means to further cut costs and improve efficiency. While currently ERC-20, Long Vuong serves as an advisor for Triip Miles and with the official partner status it can be expected that Triip Miles will port to Tomochain in order to eliminate cost and time frictions associated with the Ethereum chain.

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