If you get face tattoos you cannot be knocking on people’s doors at midnight asking for help & expecting them to open the door

So it’s been a bit of a rough day. Just got the news someone close to me has Squamous cell carcinoma cancer. I have no idea what that means and I’ve learned from recent medical issues myself not to even try googling these things unless I want to worry more.

She’s usually carrying everything on her shoulders but now she’s laid up in the hospital and needs someone to look after her kid for a day until her people come through.

Doesn’t seem like a hard gig, feed it, make sure it’s in bed at a reasonable hour, drop it off at school and pick it up then back to the hospital. But tonight something happened that really made me think about how different your thinking is with a kid under your watch.

It was about midnight when someone came ringing the doorbell and knocking on the door desperately. I asked who it was and he said his name was Anthony.

He had run into a bit of trouble and seemed to be having a hard night. Peeking through I could see he had face tattoos. They didn’t appear to be professionally done and were most likely gang affiliation.

He said he needed to use my phone and lay low for a minute or he needed a ride. He didn’t have any shoes or socks.

A lot of other nights, I might have tucked the thing, let someone know what was going on and given him a ride to safety.

But I couldn’t do that tonight. Even though the kid is asleep I can’t just leave, THEN risk someone that knows me, my car, and him see us leaving.

I couldn’t let the man in either for similar reasons. The first being that what if this is all a hustle anyways? I open up for him and someone else gets the jump on me.

What if someone saw him enter then wanted to bring that shit over here?

Other nights maybe I could put myself at risk hoping to help someone and talk to them about being an idiot and getting the life right with God but I cannot endanger an innocent life.

Because in those scenarios the best outcome is if they get stupid I drop them, whether it’s Anthony or his attackers. In that scenario what if the kid comes down and I’m showing them their first body?

I remember the first time I’ve seen someone die as vividly as it was yesterday. It’s a real traumatic experience not something I’d want to jeopardize the purity of a child with.

I’d be a shit babysitter, dropping bodies in the Rouge while taking the kid to school Jesus Christ. That’s the best, the worst is I get bodied and the kid gets bodied.

So I asked Anthony if there was somebody I could call for him. He said no it had to be him. This seemed even more suspicious so I decided to to tell Anthony about a local business that was still open. I know them they have the lights on, a few guys, guns they let you know about in case you want to fuck around

guns you don’t know about in case you REALLY want to fuck around and really do try to help people that need it. That’s really the best I could do for the guy. He’ll either get help or what he deserves over there.

It’s weird how all these things go through your head so fast. I can’t imagine what being a parent is like and doing that 24/7. I usually try to stick with doing what I think is right and deal with the consequences as they come. I hate to judge a book by it’s cover, Anthony could be a great guy making some shitty decisions with the wrong people. He also could have just been trying to pull some shit and pulled it on the wrong people. Either way right now, tonight I can’t find out or be a part of that story.

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