R Kelly is the least subtle abuser and child molester in the world

For the entirety of my life since I was a child Robert Kelly has waged a campaign of war against black women. Even now I wonder if I will be an old man with a long beard one day among my grandchildren at the park and twitter alerts will go off saying “HE HAS RETURNED”.

My Grandchildren will ask “who?” and I will say: R. Kelly and tell them the story.

From day one, back in 1994 R. Kelly let us all know who he was and what he was about on the cover of Aaliyah’s album “Age Aint Nothin But a Number”.

he’s in the back straight creepin

I’m just wondering fellow songwriters and producers, how does one 25 year old man even write and produce a song like “Age Aint Nothin But a Number” for a 12 year old as R. Kelly did for Aaliyah without feeling like… a pedo creeper and would you choose to put yourself on the cover?

Parents, imagine your daughter recieves a record contract gets to work with a popular singer and songwriter too! and you see these are the lyrics hes written would you ever let this person work alone with your child? how did he sell this to sony?!

So it came as no surprise to anyone, even the smallest children, in the earliest levels of grade school when he married Aaliyah him 27 her 14. Even if you were too young to know what Doin’ it was if you listened to that album and those tracks, you knew R. Kelly and Aaliyah were “doin it”.

We even had dirty parodies of “I believe I can fly”. We were watching Space Jam knowing the guy that wrote this song is a child molester.

Then there were rumors he did it with lots of other little girls over the years. At the time these are just rumors but they are rumors even then you could say “yeah I could see that, dude is a weirdo”.

Still even my Christian school saw nothing wrong with promoting, playing R. Kelly, having us sing songs he’d written. Gospel people messed with R. Kelly.

Even as Aaliyah’s uncle was leaving from managing him because of the problem he had with little girls.

I don’t have the exact words but it was probably “nigga the shit’s gross get help”. Had to bother the man because it’s not like it was a money thing, just stop bangin little girls and trying to marry my niece weirdo.

Then in 2000 you had the city reporting on him. Nobody was really shocked it was like “yeah dude probably did all that shit”.

Then he got a bunch more little girls pregnant and got sued for doing weird nasty shit to them.

Then in 2002 the sex tape came out. Then it turned out he was a bit weirder than we thought with the pissing. He made bail and went to a kindergarten graduation.

During the period of the trial Kelly would get sued by other women and for punching his wife for asking about all the kids he molested.

Kelly’s brother, Carey Kelly releases a dvd saying that R. Kelly was proud of the video and showed it to his friends constantly. He also states that R. Kelly offered him $50,000 a record deal to tell the police that it was him (Carey) in the video.

R. Kelly’s alibi is “it wasn’t me”. He is cleared of all charges because despite the fact we all knew it was the nigga, in his house, in front of his grammys, singing, they couldn’t establish whether or not the girl was underage.

R Kelly would give this interview:

Then after many years of walking out of interviews mad and many more allegations and lawsuits, right before news of his sex cult came out THIS was part of his act.

The woman in the cage would later come out as an R. Kelly survivor. Who said she was pretty much a prisoner in his weird sex cabins who would even have phone and food privileges taken.

I say all this to say: R. Kelly sits in a field of audacity in his behavior we not only believe all of it but we are shocked by none of it and nobody seems to make a serious effort to stop it.

Did you know R. Kelly was alleged to have while performing as Santa at Chicago schools molested girls sitting on his lap in full view of school and faculty while singing?

I just made that up but you wouldn’t doubt it if it was true. Because we all know this man has a problem. It is past time we stop giving R. Kelly privileges. I’m just thinking if we goin after everyone else how is he still lurking out here. Probably pissing on a child right now!

My only working theory is maybe God is actually fuckin’ with this dude? Bare with me, maybe those Gospel tracks he cuts now and then actually have GOD givin this man leniency! “Yeah he pissed on some more kids he keeps in cages but listen to ‘he saved me!’” I’ma quit playin with God but real talk I got friends that people won’t forget their infidelity when they were young, or remember dumb shit I said in 2010 and R.Kelly still walkin the earth…

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