Admit It. The Clinton Email Controversy Bothers You, Yet You Don’t Actually Know What the Clinton…
Ken Crossland

You’re joking, right? This controversy is NOT about changing technology. It’s also not about the propriety of setting up a private server.

It is about hitting the delete button over and over and over again after the NY Times disclosed she ran the State Department from her private server.

Does anyone — for one instant — think that Obama should be allowed to go through his email, deleting the half of more HE says are “personal”? And, if that doesn’t bother you about Obama, ask this: Should Dick Cheney and George Bush be given access to the computers and allowed to delete the half or more of their records THEY deem “personal”?

This is not about technology. Nixon “lost” 18 1/2 minutes of his audio tapes.

Other government officials, on occasion, are caught putting written correspondence in burn barrels. When that happens, every citizen should be incensed because transparency is central to our form of government.

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