So your saying he worked for the Obama administration haha Seriously tho Do an article about the…
JaredandAmanda Leto

This fair and balanced commentary will be followed by an equally insightful appreciation of how well Hillary Clinton has done in creating some of those despots, dictators, and war lords.

She famously destroyed the stability in the Middle East — her work with Libya was just the piece de resistance, no? Taking a dictatorship and plunging it into a civil war, a killing ground, and a breeding ground for ISIS, no? Bit of arms dealing with the Syrian rebels (ISIS and Al Qaeda, but what difference does it really make anyway?)

And, her embrace of Bashar al Assad as an “agent for change” — wow, that was prescient, no? Of course, old Bashar got sidetracked with that chemical shit on his own people. Luckily, Pres Obama “redlined” his ass, no?

Boring. Typical. Predictable.

Donald Trump is bad.