The Shared State

Oregon’s roots in the sharing philosophy

What do you share?

Beach Bill, 1967: Rockaway, Oregon, by lyzadanger

You recycle the glass,

Bottle Bill, 1971: Pendleton, Oregon by East Oregonian

you repair what is broken,

Portland, Oregon: Depave by Daily Journal of Commerce

but you share what you care about.

You share what you value.

Steens Act, 2000: Steens Mountain by lyzadanger.

You share a story.

Snowshoe campfire, Mount Hood, by Mount Hood Territory. Creative Commons.

You share an experience.

Lincoln City by katrinket. Creative Commons.

You share a ride.

Bike Bill, 1971: my daughter in our cargo bike.

You share the beauty.

Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area Act 1986: Oneonta Gorge by Patrick Morgan. Creative Commons.

In Oregon we recognized forty years ago that we share this place

and we share its future.

We share the future of our cities…

Portland by Chris Daniel.

…and our small towns.

Joseph and Wallowa Lake by Sam Beebe.

We share the future of our farmland…

Hood River Valley by Zach Dischner

…and our forests…

Coastal rain forest by Francis Eatherington

…our rivers and lakes and mountains…

Paulina Falls by LDELD

…and the People’s Coast.

Cannon Beach by Jon Martin

We share the future of places historic…

Jacksonville by Trace Nietert

…and wild…

Hanging Rock, Wild Rogue Wilderness, by BLM Oregon

and iconic.

We share the responsibility to govern this land with foresight…

Oregon State Capitol by Edmund Garman.

…to learn what our neighbors value…

Lecture at Portland State University

…and to volunteer.

The Central Oregon Community College garden by Sara Thompson

Oregon is a shared state.

Where better to challenge a paradigm, to design the future, to share an idea:

Welcome to Oregon, by Curtis Perry

We have a Shared State. Be a part of its story.

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Crater Lake photo credit: Mark Thomas.