Day 11

Today was okay. The highlight of my day was getting to help out with a photo shoot for the afternoon. Allie was doing a story for web about drinking in Pittsburgh, so she was also in charge of doing the photo shoot.

She asked me to run out and buy some Kombucha to serve as a substitute for Kombucha local to Pittsburgh. Allie wanted a very specific color, so I went to three different places to buy drinks that had the right color and consistency.

Matt did a cool set up for the photo to make it look like the photo was taken during a sunrise. He also blocked out the natural light using giant black flats. This photo was taken before he did some magic. I’ll post a photo as soon as Allie’s article goes live.

After that, I helped clean up, and I was able to take home the drink props that Allie didn’t use. I took two hard ciders and they were delicious.