Day 13

Today was almost as good as going to the gym. Since the issue closed last week, the pace at the office is less intense, so there’s time to clean up and get ready for the next issue in earnest.

Camille asked me to clean up the free-shit box and get the nearly 50 unwanted cookbooks packed away in boxes. Tomorrow, Housing Works is picking up the books to do something with them. I’m not sure how gourmet cookbooks help the homeless, but I’m sure there’s a good reason that’s where they donate the books…

I also organized the pile of boxes with recent (and not so recent) Saveur issues. The most recent issues from the past 3 months get to stay by the copier. The older ones had to be put away in storage. There are various places for the back issues, so I had the laborious and slightly dangerous job of reaching the high shelving.

Some of the boxes were surprisingly heavy for just having magazines in them. Maybe they were 15 pounds or heavier in some cases? Regardless, I was standing on an aluminum chair, lifting these boxes over my head, and sliding them onto shelving above me. This was a reminder for me to keep doing push-ups.

After that, I helped Michelle find some new photographers that she could either work with or ask to do a story for A Meal to Remember. I did a good old-fashioned Google search for food and travel photography portfolios, and I linked her to the best portfolios I found.

Simultaneously, I helped Jessica (web team) find some true food porn for their weekend Instagram posts. While these tasks tend to make me hungry, I’m learning to tell myself that I’m not hungry when these photographs tell me otherwise. This internship may still kill me.

In other news, next week is Katherine’s second to last week at Saveur before she goes back to Italy to defend her thesis for grad school. All of the interns are getting breakfast then, and Katherine gets to choose the breakfast spot. She’s choosing to go to a coffee place. Does she not eat…? Breakfast is the most important and often the best meal of the day if you choose to make it so! Has she learned nothing from Saveur? These are all questions I ask myself. I know I’m definitely eating breakfast before we go to “breakfast.”

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