Day 14

Today was a bit of a doozy. I officially curtailed the length and breadth of my internship at Saveur so I can pick up more hours at my real job.

Camille, the managing editor, didn’t take it great. She felt really gypped that I’d be working 1/3 of the days that we had originally planned for the next two months. I explained to her in the nicest way that my other “internship” was demanding more hours of me because they had given me some big projects. My lovely advisor, Ann, suggested this. It’s easier for them to compare apples to apples.

Ultimately, it was most important to me that the people assigning me the work were okay with this. Allie was totally fine with it. In fact, she was happy that she could pick the days that I would come in so that she could give me larger projects to complete over the span of two consecutive days.

Ultimately, I think Camille was upset and Allie wasn’t because they both have different perspectives on what I’m actually doing. Camille is under the impression that I’m learning tons and doing vital, helpful things for the art department every day that I’m in. Allie knows the reality of my internship. She knows some days I’m sitting at my desk, twiddling my thumbs, with absolutely nothing to do. Allie isn’t dumb; she knows she hasn’t been on top of giving me things to do. It would be nice if Allie could communicate how this is not a big deal to Camille, but I don’t think Allie feels obligated to, even though I asked her to perhaps talk to Camille.

Ultimately, it’s most important that I maintain the art department contacts and model as a good Ramapo student. I’d like this internship to be available to the students that would want to try this out.

Personally, I know I don’t want to be in the magazine business. The industry is shrinking in many ways. Print is dying in the kind of way where fewer people take on the same amount of work a bigger staff used to handle. Web is experiencing growing pains especially, but there’s no room for designers in web unless it’s as a photo editor. All of the magazines are using some CMS to manage their content. Designers aren’t needed beyond adapting the CMS, but that’s typically a contracted short-term job. They wouldn’t be brought on the staff of a magazine.

I feel like I knew this from the second week of this internship, but I definitely know now that this isn’t for me. I’m also relieved that I’ll be commuting fewer days. The bus sucks.

Anyway, today was otherwise fine. I helped the web team hunt down photos of some classic candies and upload them to their CMS. I also sat in on a production meeting. It was mostly doling out deadlines and checking in on the status of certain things.

I had an interesting creamy potato broccoli rabe soup for lunch. The texture was way too thick. The taste of broccoli rabe was perhaps too bitter in this soup. It could’ve been balanced better.

I also had a chocolate milk coffee drink from Stumptown Coffee. I’ll probably be awake forever because of it.

Overall, I’m relieved that I made this work out today. I’ll definitely be sleeping in on Friday, or maybe I’ll go for a “long” run.

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