Day 16

I learned something today. Concord grapes are also called black grapes. I googled it because I was on an errand today. I had to go to the Union Square farmers market to find two bunches of Concord grapes and then pick up some equipment from a rental store.

There were no grapes at the farmers market. There were no black grapes at a Whole Foods. I finally found them at a Fairway, but that was after I had spent over a half-hour waiting on line for the rental equipment. The only positive side is I got my daily walking in and then some.

Earlier that day I was working on adding A Meal to Remember stories to the server and placing Ads on the server. After the errand I did some research for a story they’re doing about Myanmar.

Today was a little unusual because people from Hyatt came and brought cookbooks and pies for literally everyone in the office. I declined a pie but the two ladies said they should’ve brought gluten free pies. They knew I was an intern so I guess they were just being nice? I don’t know, one of them knew Ramapo so that was neat. Below is their cookbook that went straight into the give-away box after they left.

That’s all, dear reader.