Day 4

Yes, I know, today is isn’t Friday, but you’ll have to settle with two blog posts in a row. Let’s see… let me stretch my memory back several days to Friday (cue TARDIS whooshing sounds).

Friday was relatively slow. Michelle had a wedding to go to, so she was leaving the office early. Matt was not feeling having to do work that day, so he grumbled through some photo shoots and a video shoot of a cooking tutorial. The shoot he was grumbling about was for making Chinese Mooncakes. Saveur even brought in two guest chefs. I don’t like when people demonstrate recipes I could not possibly replicate unless I have about $300 to kill on supplies. For this recipe, you need a long wooden rectangular mold to whack the dough into. It didn’t look cheap.

This is Matt video taping the chef in the mixing process.

Before Michelle left, she asked me to find photo references for cool ways to photograph chocolate. They’re doing a chocolate photo shoot at some point in the near future. So I looked for unique ways to shoot chocolate. The photos I found weren’t necessarily of chocolate, but they had interesting compositional attributes that would be cool when applied to photographing chocolate.

Then I took about an hour and a half to eat lunch because there was nothing to do. Then Adam Bookbinder popped in. He had the air of hiding a giant gift that he thought I should be really excited about. His idea of giving me a project is still really intern-y. He wants me to print out the photos for each story and pin them on a wall. And he wants it to be my responsibility to keep them up to date and organized. Apparently he’s been meaning to institute this wall of photos for a while, but I’m not really sure why he thinks it’s a cool job, even for an intern. I’m gonna really have to start pushing for not intern-y projects because I don’t want my 3-month legacy to be some mountains, some research, and a whole lot of printing stuff.

After Adam dropped that project on my lap, other office Jess asked me to help her hunt down photos for a story they’re running on the website. I had to get in touch with about 8 different restaurants and ask them to send me all the photos they have. She wants me to follow up on Monday, but am I really obligated to do that…? I’m not sure. Matt doesn’t think so, but I don’t like to keep people hanging… but she could have at least let me CC her so she could take over if she really needs the photos. She must not really need the photos? Yeah I feel guilty. I’m probably going to check my email today. (This is how interns get taken advantage of!)

That was all for Friday. The reason I didn’t write anything that afternoon was because I fell asleep on the bus. I’ve reached that point. #commuterlife