Weekly reads, takeaways and cool stuff #1.

I’m starting a new series here on Medium where I will post a few of my fav reads each week (or so), along with some takeaways.

1. Why You Should Defriend 80% of the People You Know.

Takeaway: Only 20% of your friends will bring you happiness and fulfilment. Spend 80% of your time with said friends, and make a concious effort to eliminate friends who don’t bring anything to the table.

2. The Waking Life podcast.

If you’re a fan of the Waking Life movie, you’re going to go nuts for the recent unofficial Waking Life podcast! It’s a very different style than any other podcast I have heard before, and features some really awesome content around spirituality, rationality and mind expansion in general.

3. The (Lack of) Evidence for Caloric Restriction in Weight Loss.

Takeaway: According to numerous long-term, randomised caloric restriction trials, merely reducing calories is not an effective way to lose weight in the long run.

4. How to be more productive by working less.

(This was a killer article. Well worth the read).

Takeaway: Productivity is not linear. All work is not made equal. Working 18 hours a day can be counterproductive. For each hour of work your returns diminish, up until the point your effort can actually produce negative results via an increase in error rate. So, work smarter not harder.

5. How To Stop Procrastinating.

Takeaway: Set goals that truly inspire you, otherwise you will not be able to create meaningful self-motivation to get the job done, and rather you will fall into a cycle of procrastination. Also, create micro-habits and a schedule that pair with said goals, to make motivation habitual via a dopaminergic feedback loop.

6. A doctor is helping Silicon Valley execs live their best life for $40k a year.

Very fascinating. Here’s a great snippet:

Maloof’s data-heavy approach begins with a battery of tests — measuring thousands of biomarkers in all — to understand her patients at the cellular level. By analyzing the results, she can prescribe food and lifestyle tailored to every individual, alongside standard western therapies. Only then does she consider pharmaceutical-grade supplements. If needed, she helps patients practice harm reduction with “performance-enhancing” substances from nootropics to micro-dosing LSD. Her philosophy, she says, is to do more than cure sickness, but to enhance health.

7. Startup growth handbook.

Again no general takeaway, but tons of takeaways in the handbook itself. If you’re in a growth-focused role, check it out.

8. Add multiple links to your Instagram account.

This is a neat tool.


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