What would [insert person] do if they were faced with my challenge?

Elon Musk.

What is one to do when they are faced with a complex obstacle, where there’s no obvious solution?

How does one improve their decision making abilities, and improve the probability of positive outcomes?

Where can one seek expert advice in the absence of a mentor to guide them?

As you would know by now, life is tough, and presents us with challenges on a daily basis. Some small, some incomprehensible at first.

Having to think deeply and connect the dots is mentally taxing, and quite a skill in and of itself.

Although we may have the knowledge to solve a problem, we may find it difficult to see the bigger picture and make sense of said information.

The visual below explains this concept well.

So the question is: Can we hack our brain to forcefully think outside the box, and spit out a meaningful solution?

I believe there’s a pretty straightforward method for doing so. “One simple trick”, as the clickbait marketers like to say.

What’s the approach?

Simply put yourself in the shoes of somebody who has overcome this issue already, and ask yourself what they would do.

Let’s say your company is 2-weeks from running out of cash to pay the bills. There’s no solution in sight, and you’re freaking the fuck out.


And ask yourself: What would Elon Musk do? What would Steve Jobs do?

Just think of someone who has been in the exact same situation at one stage before, and try to imagine what they would do to turn things around.

This way of mimicking the minds of others is quite useful, I find. It allows you to immediately expand your thinking, as you’re getting out of your own head and into someone else’s.

So the next time you face a challenge in your life, give this method a crack and see if it helps speed up the process of finding a solution.

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