Men Dump Their Anger Into Women
Emma Lindsay

I don’t know if it is true that “men dump their anger into (sic.) women”; maybe that that happens at lot out there. But more important than believing that would be to make an intellectual effort to try to shed light on that situation. And maybe one should start by asking what would men be so “angry” about. After all, Hillary is not “Our President” and the last time I read anything feminist men had it all going for them and were doing oh-so good for themselves… I could suggest that maybe one shouldn’t project onto a larger screen the shitty things that happen in one’s personal life, and made it into something “political.” On the other hand, I know I would be branded a “sexist misogynist” in a heart be — — without stopping to think, that is — — if I were to suggest, and therefore I will not, that framing these problems in terms of “anger” is typically a woman’s way of approaching so complex subjects. They aim at oversimplification.

Another suggestion — — hypothetically conceding that dumping their anger onto women is something men do by default, maybe that happens because they never find anybody who can answer this simple question:

“Why it is women who always need more money, more rights, better jobs, better working conditions, higher salaries, more space, more room, larger apartment, more clothes, larger closet, more shoes, higher heels, more quiet, more friends, better friends, more tampons, more free time, more vacations, bigger bags, more accessories, more fashion, more milk and one more drink — — but only less responsibilities, and less skirt and less short-shorts.”

I bet that never comes up on those “gender studies” easy courses offered at college. And yet, answering that simple question should be the only task of all feminists and “progressives” It all have to do with explaining the contribution that though their endless materialism and consumerism women make to the perpetuation of the “oppressive” corporate world of capatalism!