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Original article by Gaby Goldberg

At Chapter One, we started this accelerator with the goal of staying small and maniacally focused on product. We received over 500 incredible applications and narrowed it down to three, each with a game-changing product and vision.

Now, it’s time to get started — let’s meet the teams.


A 3D design tool for the web.

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Spline is a 2D approach to 3D design, allowing you to create next-generation experiences in a web-based environment that works on any platform.


Spline, a 3D mix of Figma & Photoshop built on top of Three.js, is a platform shift for 3D design. Spline’s visual tools allow you to seamlessly create and edit 3D content, add interactions, and export production-ready web assets — no coding required. …

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At Chapter One, smaller is better. When I created Fund One, I wanted to keep AUM small to make sure I know what the hell I am doing.

I’ve seen first time fund managers raise massive funds, which is cool, but I’ve always thought of Chapter One as being a product with Fund One as my MVP.

When I became a full-time investor, people told me that I would miss the quick feedback loops — but Chapter One is iterating and today we’re releasing our most exciting product to date.

We are excited to launch Product Club, an early stage product mentorship program specifically designed to help you build your products from scratch. …

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Chapter One is hiring our first Designer in Residence (summer internship role), based anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

You are wildly creative and have designed some weird, out-of-the-box shit on mobile and web. You love 0–1 design and building original concepts, but also know how to design a deck.

You find happiness from prototyping things and building brands from scratch. Although you’re a designer first, you are probably pretty technical (or nerd out in esoteric no code debates).

The internship is paid and will last from the sunny summer months of June 2020 to September 2020.

We are specifically looking for a product designer who is in college or a similar career stage, and has already built a unique design portfolio through summer roles or personal design work. …


Jeff Morris Jr.

Founder and investor @ChapterOne. Previously led revenue @Tinder ($MTCH). Became #1 top grossing app. Follow me @jmj.

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