It’s Okay To Work on Someone Else’s Idea

Jeff Morris Jr.
Oct 7, 2015 · 1 min read

For the past few years, I’ve seen many of my friends pass up amazing job opportunities for one simple reason:

They don’t want to work on someone else’s idea.

For some, they get caught up in a cycle of testing ideas and making incremental progress — but there isn’t a sustainable company to show for their work.

I love founders and admire anyone who takes risks, but I wanted to share a very simple message.

It’s okay to work on someone else’s idea.

In fact, it’s way better than okay. It’s amazing if you find the right team.

I recently started working at Tinder. The company has existed for a few years. I didn’t start the company, but I’m really excited to wake up every day.

I’m surrounded by a talented team. I’m living in a new city. And I’m working on a product that has many awesome challenges to solve.

Don’t be afraid to work on someone else’s idea. It doesn’t make you less of an entrepreneur. When the time is right, you can work on your own idea.

That is all.

Jeff Morris Jr.

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Director of Product, Revenue @Tinder ($MTCH). Became #1 top grossing app. Investor @ChapterOne in blockchain and mobile products. Follow me @jmj.