Until The Next Deal

I just received an email from a talented entrepreneur who is building a company that I’m very excited about.

We spoke two weeks ago on the phone about joining his seed round and I was super confident that I’d get in the round.

We were scheduled to meet this weekend in San Mateo and I was nervous about losing momentum on the deal.

Best case scenario: I would have flown to the Bay Area a few days after our initial call. But this weekend was the first chance I had to meet, as I live in Los Angeles and have been busy at work.

The email that I received tonight:

Heartbreak. Ouch. That stings.

I told him that I understood and wished him best of luck. And I really mean that — he’s building a great company and this is part of the business.

The hardest part about being an angel investor and a full-time operator is that you miss out on deals because you must prioritize work above everything else.

And that’s how it should be.

I am an operator and building products is the job that I’m most passionate about. I love my team and I love what we are building. That is my priority.

Yes. I’m passionate about angel investing, but that will always take a backseat to my full-time job as long as I’m an operator.

Getting this email hurts a bit tonight, but I can go to sleep tonight knowing that I have my priorities straight.

Until the next deal.

Chapter One Ventures