Why is Python so slow?
Anthony Shaw

Ummmm… I don’t get your conclusion at ALL.

At the beginning you say that Python is much slower than many other languages, and include a number of other dynamic languages in that list.

Then you conclude that it is so slow because of dynamic typing.

This simply does not make any logical sense at all.

It sounds like the problem is not “dynamic typing” but “Python’s implementation of dynamic typing”.

It’s like if you looked at me trying to jog a mile and concluding “jogging is super slow and physically painful”. No, lots of folks can jog a mile just fine. Usain Bolt, I am sure, can jog a mile in like 5 minutes and barely show an elevated heart rate. I just happen to jog a mile really slow, and end up huffing and puffing and nearly puking at the end. My implementation of jogging is poor, but there is nothing inherently wrong with jogging.