Turn the lights on

Version 1.0

It’s been quite a journey since we launched rumr two months ago, and we have some exciting updates to share. We’ve added real-identity and picture messaging to rumr. Additionally, we’ve made rumr available worldwide. We consider this the real version 1.0.

Previously, rumr has only been available in US app stores, but we’ve seen it spread across the globe. Our community has downloaded rumr in six continents and 88 different countries, and we wanted to make it securely available for everyone. You can now get it on Google Play and the iTunes app store in most countries across the globe. Over the next few releases, we will be adding additional languages starting with Spanish, so stay tuned for a more customized experience.

Second, we’re turning the lights on and we’ve added identity. You can now post anonymously or with your real-identity in the same chat. It is seamless to switch between the two. Tap the button on the input field that shows your anonymous color and icon and select how you want to send your message.

How to use the identity chooser

Identity adds a new element to rumr. You no longer have to give up your anonymity when you desire to message with your real-identity. This makes chats by nature more anonymous and lets you directly comment on the events in the chat. The default sending method is always anonymous, but you now have an entirely new method to communicate with your friends.

Another feature we just introduced is pictures. Like messages, you can send pictures anonymously or with your real-identity. Images can be flagged in a chat and will be removed from view for all members if flagged. To flag an image, long press on the image and tap flag. We’ve created additional tools on our end to continue to keep chats a safe place.

koalas only please

With each new addition we put you further in control of letting you be who you want to be. Turn the lights on or off — it’s entirely up to you.

We love hearing your feedback and please continue to let us know how you are enjoying rumr.


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