the day the world was supposed to end — Chapter 10 — End of Book 1

The world was prepared for their certain death. The asteroid never hit and they survived. Now citizens try to rebuild a disordered world caused by panic and desperation of an end that never came. Everyone wants to know how the asteroid missed them. In a world controlled by local legions and militias and with communications systems destroyed survival can prove as difficult as to answers on why they survived.

This will be the end of Book 1 of the story. Working on Book 2 for the fall of 2016. Below is a link to the last chapter:

“You know each other?” Gerald surprised by Albert addressing Ed. Ed interrupted and clarified the situation, “We will be getting to know each other better. We are all going on a road trip.” Albert drank the last of the vodka and got up ready to leave.

“I have nothing to do with this.” Gerald made his comfortable in his bar stool and pivoted his body, turning his back on the men. He watched the screen the 1998 college championship starting from the beginning as the teams took the field. The game was on an endless loop of happier times.

“Listen, former pastor. I got orders for you to accompany me” Ed said in a tone to get his attention.

“Thanks for the ride, but I got figure things out. I can hitchhike in a day or two.” Gerald maintained his eyes fixated on the tv screen in responding to Ed.

Ed walked over to Gerald like a Sargent about to correct a private. “This is no motel 6. No one wants you here. I got shit just for getting you this far. You are going to get your ass in the car. We can negotiate where I can drop you off.”

Gerald got up, realizing his options were limited, started to follow Albert out of the bar. Ed followed, escorting them. Although Gerald was now rebellious, he wasn’t much of a fighter.

The outside patio of the bar was now empty. Beer bottles scattered of the markings of men enjoying the day. The base was quiet and is it became late afternoon.

As the men opened the car doors, Gerald noticed the Ed had organized the car for the trip. Bags neatly stacked in the small storage area of the back of the jeep and snacks lay around. Gerald’s bible lay on the back seat. He picked and placed in the storage area and started to open his bag.

“If your looking for this” Ed holding up Gerald’s handgun, “you’ll get it when you we reach our destination.” “A strapped pastor. Well it is a dangerous world” Albert said mockingly. “He is a former pastor, if you call him pastor he will correct each time” Ed said while he was checking batteries on the radios.

“So where are we going?”Gerald asked to distract Albert from Ed’s comment. “The beautiful Gulf Coast” Albert answered for Ed. “What’s there?”

“Jerry, the south might provide our answers to the asteroid and to get this world back” Albert said proudly. Ed glared at Albert for being loose with the information of there travel. Albert was drunk.

“Gentlemen, this will be a day of traveling, get comfortable” as Ed turned on the ignition.

“Wait” as Albert opened door and made his way to the back seat. “If we are going to be on a long trip, I need to know how you became a former pastor.” Albert pushed his way into the backseat, displacing Gerald to the passenger side behind Ed. He could see Ed roll his eyes through the rear view mirror.

Gerald, felt uneasy and regretted taking the initial ride from Ed.

“Al, Jerry is touchy about the past” Ed warned Albert. “Oh, we got a whole trip to get to know each other why not start with the hard stuff” as Albert leaned back and loosened a small flask he secretly held in a in one of his pant pockets. He grinned as he took a swig of what Gerald assumed would be vodka.

The jeep reversed and quickly picked up speed making its way out of a discreet exit of the base. Within minutes, they were driving at a high velocity on the open road. Large trees and a mountainous skyline surrounded them. Ed blasted James Brown from an MP3 in the car. All that could be heard is funk and the roar of the jeep.

Ed was relieved the drive had started and the noise of the music would make it difficult to follow-up on Albert’s curiosity of Gerald's past.

The jeep was alone on the road heading south with “Living in America” blaring all the way down.

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