Cyclists make the best entrepreneurs, employers, and employees!

That’s a bold statement I hear you say, what about other athletes, well the same could be said about high performing athletes regardless of the sport but I’m completely bias..

Cycling in particular involves hours of dedication, focus, motivation, discipline, self-improvement, mental/physical toughness and cyclists have no time for whining see Cycling Rule 5 “Harden the f*ck up!”- Take that Generation Y!

And yes, there are cycling “Rules” and there actually quite funny

These attributes are learned the hard way in cycling and are exactly what makes the difference between a workplace contributor and a superstar.

Firstly, cyclists are fiercely competitive and by default determined. Nothing builds determination like climbing an unconquered hill, beating a personal best or chasing down fellow cyclists battling for pole position. Now it’s not about being better then the next guy, although that does help, the competition is internal, you are competing against yourself. The reward weirdly, is the pure love of the effort — I know we’re sadists..

Translating that into personal business attributes, examples like continuous improvement, never settling, going the extra mile (Forgive the pun!) and obsessiveness.

Secondly, cyclists can prioritise. Whether it’s training for a race, squeezing a short spin before work, rising early Sunday morning to spend 6 hours on the bike — we target a goal, set out a training plan and reprioritizing the tactics in order to achieve our goal.

Translating that into personal business attributes, for example setting goals, self-directing, fine-tuning and focusing on the outcomes..

Finally, cyclists can work in a team. Cycling can be seen as a “loner” sport and sometimes it is, I really enjoying cycling by myself, that’s the beauty of the sport you can pick and choose!

But you haven’t cycled until you’ve cycled in a peloton (, it’s basically cycling in a group, it’s a true reflection of a group of people working in unison and for each other. Everybody does their turn up front for a period of time, then “peels off to the back” and the next rider takes to the front and so on — Last year, during the Tour Of Waterford, I joined a peloton towards the final stage of the sportive (That’s what cyclists call a “friendly” race), with everybody working for the group we averaged 41km’s per hour for the last 20 kilometers.

Cycling can also be ruthless if you don’t have right fitness or can’t work with a team, you’ll drop off the back and are cycling alone, battling the wind and rain by yourself.

Translating that into personal business attributes, attributes like leadership, responsibility, support and preparation.

The best work environments are full of people who can sense when it’s time to step up and lead and when it’s time to cede the spotlight. Hire a cyclist and they’ll have this perspective down cold.

So the next time you sit down to interview a potential new hire for your company, ask which sport they played. It may be the best question you can ask.

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