Happy na, Cognitive pa

Writing is enjoying when you engulf yourself with your imagined worlds. You have no limitations to whatever you would like to write as long as you have something in mind. But what if you have nothing in mind to write and have no idea how to write. How can you make your head gush with colors?

It is really hard to make something out of nothing when even nothing does not exist in your head. But that can suddenly change when your professor told you to be creative or fail. Yes, simple as that and your rusty world will glisten. Your eyes will be sparkling. Spirit will be kindling. And hearts will be burning. Of course that is because you wanted to make it till your graduation ball. But along the process you would find the answer on how to make yourself write which is very simple: Take time, know what you like, write, let others read it, revise, publish it, and write more.

Our class has a Facebook page named “Happy na, Cognitive pa” that shelters all our yielded imaginative works. At first, it was just a simple page as a requirement to pass a certain course and it aimed to promote stress management but after sometime few became interested to publish their own literary works and interests using the class’ page. With a little curiosity and push to make everyone participate, our heads begun to color the page into something new.

Here are some of our posts which I liked most

Our Facebook Homepage

Marbles: beginning to roll

The first marble

This poem was posted months before I noticed it because I had no interest at all when we turned our page to be literary but this made me love our page for the first time. Bright marbles, colorful and clear, gems under the sun —The things we play.

Love is on the page

Love can’t do everything
What makes us sad losing someone is not their absence but their lingering memories with us
There are questions we ask but afraid to answer
A promise is hard to keep

There are still posts of my classmates and I but to show how we tried our “literariness” I am proud to present these works I like. I hope you would also write someday, maybe not today. But start creating stories in your head, in your dreams, in your words, and later you can write them and show us what world are you in.

Submitted to Prof. Nerissa Zara (for grading purposes only).

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