I think i get your point of view.
Diego ZoracKy

That’s not at all what I’m saying.

I’m saying that what runs in the browser is NOT the same code that runs on the server. To get that server-targetted code, that’s often written in a bleeding-edge version of ECMAscript, to run in a browser you need transpilers and bundlers.

Node understands what require means. Most browsers do not.

Client side javascript is so complicated now because no one wants to write javascript that targets browsers anymore. People write javascript that targets Node, and we need to transpile/shim/polyfill/bundle that code into something that will actually execute in a client-side browser environment.

So when an article like this is written saying it’s not javascript that’s a mess, but front-end development, that’s disingenuous. It’s only a mess in browsers because the ecosystem is no longer designed for the browser run-time, but a server runtime that doesn’t have equivalent browser support.