Confessions of a Misogynist
Sean Howard

Hillary is awful…far worse than you acknowledge , BUT at least she’s a Corporatist. She’s, in effect, Jeb Bush in a dress.

That’s fine by me.

Today, one can easily say, “We are ALL Corporatists now!” Global conglomerates find, refine and deliver all the energy we rely upon, create all the products we’ve come to need, the jobs we depend upon, etc.…so, YES, they also control our governments, run our media and ultimately micromanage our lives.

Simply for getting rid of that aging hipster dufuss and fake socialist, Bernie Sanders (once expelled from a commune for failing to work), and taking the bulk of her contributions from Wall Street, the Koch Bros, even the Bush’s, she’s earned her Corporatist bona fides.

A grand-uncle of mine worked at Union Bank of NY, which traded directly with Fritz Thyssen (“Hitler’s Banker”) during WWII, which got both Prescott Bush (R-CT), & Averell Harriman (D-NY) in trouble and that bank seized under the “Trading With the Enemies” Act. It was returned to them by the mid-1950s. That group, including my grand-uncle worked diligently to get “Operation Paperclip” through, bringing thousands of Nazi scientists, physicians, etc. to the U.S.

Later Prescott Bush’s & Averell Harriman’s goal of remaking the Democratic Party in the GOP’s Progressive/Corporatist image was achieved right after the death of JFK. That move effectively neutered America’s Conservative/anti-Corporatist, anti-globalist, anti-multicultural movement.

JFK was the last American leader to dare take on the global Corporate oligarchy that now firmly controls the West. His direct attempt to undermine the Federal Reserve with 10 of its original member banks being foreign-owned, by printing billions in Silver Certificates almost certainly sealed his fate.

Trump’s no JFK. Besides it’s far too late for Americans to “wake up,” or even think about changing course.

You like your public sector pensions? You like having a fairly generous “safety net” of government programs? I DO! You like our existing “Disability System”?

Then there’s simply NO WAY to change course, now.

While I have seen little to NONE of the alleged misogyny and “racism” you seem to, I am heartened that Hillary Clinton seems to be the consensus choice. Our media (including FNC) have ALL been reliably anti-Trump, if not all pro-Hillary, and while she’s a tough pill for many to swallow, at the very least, she’s “the sensible choice.”

My late, sainted grand-uncle, along with the equally late Prescott Bush & Averell Harriman (all of them scurrilously charged with”wearing Nazi uniforms to Union Bank Board meetings”…and CLEARED) would be absolutely confounded that at this late date, so many Americans would come to see the global conglomerates that gave us this modern world as “the enemy” and so many Europeans, at this late date, suddenly reclaiming an affinity for dead, ancient cultures that simply have no place in our modern (post-racial, post-ethnic) world.

Perhaps we simply see others differently. Whereas you seem to see the Europeans who now wish to retain a no longer existent white Europe (“Christendom”) & white Americans suddenly alarmed that their country’s been “transformed” (yup, it HAS) as somehow, “racist,” “sexist” and just plain “evil,” I see them far more sympathetically. I see them simply as a people who’ve suddenly awakened to a hidden reality that no one cared enough to prepare them for. They have personal and ethnic pride. They STILL believe in private property rights, free markets and “INDIVIDUALISM”. I kind of admire all that belief in such romantic notions, but I’m glad there seem to be more of “us” who, like it, or not, take things as they are, BOTH the “good” & the “bad.”

While I fully expect and want a HRC win, I think this romantic anti-Corporatist rebellion with its very flawed leader is a wonderfully romantic last gasp of “Old America.”