Discovering Bernie Sanders siren song: A journey to his dark side.
S. Novi

Fascinating article.

Socialism is incompatible with democracy. That’s simply a fact.

Like with political Islam, in Socialism, “Peace” can only be achieved when ALL are under Sharia, or Socialism respectively. The most successful Socialist was Hitler, who actually improved Germany’s economy and living standards, albeit with slave labor. Mao was the most murderous (100 million civilians killed) and the most ambitious…his regime took the business owners, large and small and marched them naked down the streets to be beaten and spit upon by “the people they’ve fed off as parasites,” before never being seen again.

Even here in the USA, Bill Ayers spoke of having to kill at least 10% of the population, as “irredeemable Capitalists.”

So what if the inevitable result in both Stalin’s USSR & Mao’s China was mass starvation and perpetual poverty?

Well, I guess the same people who care that it was market reforms that led both of those places OUT of poverty after the fall of the USSR and the market-based economic transformation of China!

Ironically enough, both Sharia adherents of political Islam and Western Socialists share ONE thing in common, they DESPISE and are generally DESPISED in the West. Beyond that, of the two, Sharia’s mandating death for homosexuals, female adulteresses, apostates, among others, puts it irrevocably at odds with Western Socialists.

Socialism CANNOT work. IF charismatic leaders, with total political control, leaders like Hitler, Stalin, Mao, even Pol Pot and Hugo Chavez couldn’t make it work…it CAN’T work.

Thankfully Corporatism (the default economy of ALL the world’s Industrialized nations today) CAN and DOES work…not perfectly, but it works.

Bernie and his ilk are relics from a simpler, bygone age…that nostalgia IS their appeal.

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