A Gentle Reminder That Jesus Was A Brown Middle Eastern Refugee Who Would Not Have Voted For Trump
Sara Benincasa

The “historical Jesus” was a Hebrew Rabbi named Joshua of Joseph (shortened to Jesus). He was indeed an anti-Roman revolutionary and a failed philisopher. His exhortation to, “Treat others AS YOU WOULD WANT to be treated, NOT as they treat you,” is the reason Thomas Jefferson said,”There are no true Christians, merely Paulists.” It is also entirely impractical and unworkable. It was Saul/Paul, NOT Jesus who is most responsible for the emergence of the Roman Christian Church (ROMAN Catholicism).

Virtually everything written about and attributed to Jesus was written 50 to 150 years after his death by followers who sought to shroud the story of an anti-Roman revolutionary as a that of a Messianic figure. Rome had defeated the Hebrews in two wars and twice destroyed their temple at Jerusalem. In short, ALL of that including the absurd and unworkable philosophy of Jesus was little but the fictions of a few raving, Hebrew lunatics.

Friedrich Nietzsche was almost certainly right that, “Charity is the curse of Christ.” In his view, Jewish/Babylonian-inspired “Christianity” has proven to be mostly toxic, especially to Europe, known as “Christendom” by the Middle Ages. In Nietzsche’s view charity amounts to enabling/coddling dysfunction and it effectively halts the evolution of mankind.

One of Hitler’s laments was that “proud, enlightened” European paganism was replaced by a corrosive “Christianity.” He believed (possibly correctly) that “Had Germany’s predominant religion been Shintuism, or Islam, Germany’s warrior ethos would’ve led Germany to lead all of Islam, or made Shintuism a global religion.”

I certainly agree that Christianity, with its misguided “curse of Christ” has been a dysgenic (enabling ever greater dysfunction at the expense of the productive “best”) and anti-evolutionary force that has drastically slowed down the advance of mankind and that both the religious “Jesus” and the secular Marx who both espoused the equality and equanimity of mankind were twin cancers on humanity.

No two people are effectively, or entirely “equal” and free people especially are UNEQUAL. Freedom and equality mean EVERYTHING. Nothing else, especially not a sentimental pity (charity) does anything to move mankind forward.

In the late 19th Century, Italy had a very bloody “Communist Revolution” that thankfully failed and many of those who supported it were slaughtered. A late uncle of mine was Jewish and I learned quite a bit from him. The Orthodox Jews follow Pharisaic Law (the laws and traditions of the Pharisees of the Bible) Today that group has a very strong influence over Western media and one of their amusements is seeing if a person will surrender their views on family, religion, morality…even economics.

They love seeing people who fight hard for individual fame and fortune espouse the socialist struggle for “economic equality.” Of course, the public rightly sees such “rich socialists” as “the worst/lowest kind of hypocrite.” That’s why that path is ultimately a Dead End.

Kind as this humble, Jewish Rabbi and anti-Colonialist revolutionary possibly was, he’s not someone modern progressives/Corporatists, should admire. Moreover, such an argument will almost certainly do nothing to sway the inveterate and evangelical “Paulists” it seems written to convince.