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While it’s good you gave up religion (ALL manmade religions are cults), you seem to have quickly adopted yet another one - Leftism (“liberalism,” “progressivism,” “cultural Marxism” etc.).

The reasons Theocracies are so horrific is because religions are perverted by government and the greedy, misanthropic aims of the political (governing) class, just as in Corporatism, the predominant (virtually sole) economic system of the modern industrialized West (Europe, the U.S. & Japan), it’s corporations that are perverted by the same greedy, misanthropic aims of that same political class.

Marxism, the foundation of Leftism is rooted in the fiction that people are all the same, or equal, when, in fact, even members of the same immediate family often differ in abilities, interests, ambitions, strengths and weaknesses, etc.

That’s probably why there’s never been a socialist country that thrived. Even the former USSR & China have been transformed from desperately poor nations to relatively prosperous ones through various free market reforms and why today’s leading socialist nations (Venezuela, North Korea and Zimbabwe) are all economic basketcases, while Hong Kong, the world’s freest market is also the world’s most prosperous country.

Since what we all call “freedom” is really INDIVIDUAL Liberty, ALL “freedom” starts with economic freedom. Such freedom bars any and all government-made dependancy programs.

The Clinton’s are spawns of the Bush’s. Bill Clinton worked for Pappy Bush and with him over the drug import operations at the Mena airport in Arkansas. That’s just one of the reasons why a huge swath of America despises its political/media class.

Trump’s not seen as a good guy, or “great leader,” but as a “thumb in the eye” of America’s political/media class.

THAT, is the only appeal of someone like Trump…that he’s NOT “one of THEM (the political/media class).” The saddest thing is that the choice between Trump and Clinton is that between a rat and a snake. Unfortunately that’s the choice that the overwhelming bulk of Americans deserve.

Those of us with dual citizenship are most fortunate in that regard.