The Top Five “Do’s” of Event Planners

An Event Planner…

  1. Should constantly be making lists of what interests her clients, and what she thinks will most interest their clients — I must admit my mind is always thinking twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. When I have ideas about my clients’ events, I quickly jot them down, so I do not forget them. Also, when I meet with any of my clients or speak with them about their events, I write down whatever we discuss. I keep a running list of both their interests and my ideas. I truly believe in making my events customer-centric. I listen to my clients and create events based upon their ideas and input. It is about what events can I create, but it is about what events my clients are looking for and creating events, which tailor to what they want.
  2. Should always have a Plan B…and maybe a Plan C— I planned my first event called A Day in India during my sophomore year of college. It was an Indian cultural event, which featured Indian cuisine, a belly dancer, a henna tattoo artist, and horse and carriage rides in celebration of the Indian festival known as Diwali. I was expecting a nice day and my event was set to take place outside because I had several different vendors attending it. I wanted it outside so students from all across campus could pass by and see what it was about. I was not overly concerned with the weather. Then, some of my colleagues were discussing the weather for the week and mentioned that it was projected to be very cold with a possible chance of rain on the day of the event. I was getting extremely nervous that the event was going to get cancelled. I needed to construct a Plan B quickly since I had little time left before the event… I redesigned my event to be inside. I worked with my campus adviser to reserve various rooms throughout the main center at my college campus. I would put the henna tattoo artist, the belly-dancer, and the Indian cuisine in these rooms to draw individuals attention in the campus’s main center. I wanted as many people as possible to attend! Despite the inclement weather, A Day in India still took place. This event taught me the importance of having alternate plans in effect in case there are unanticipated factors affecting your occasions.
  3. Should look and act in the manner of the Three P’s- Professional, Polite, and Most Importantly, Positive! — 1) Would you ever hire an event-planner, who looked like a sloppy, unorganized mess? I certainly would not. An event-planner should present herself just like her events — put together and organized. 2)Would you ever hire an event-planner, who was rude and inconsiderate? Absolutely not! An event planner must have a sense of poise and composure while speaking with her clients. She must endure all the challenges presented by the event-planning process in a respectable manner. 3) Lastly, nobody wants a negative event-planner! The event-planning process should be exciting and fun! All negativity should be removed from the event-planning process.
  4. Should record notes after an event and organize a debrief of the event (What went well? What can we improve upon? What were our challenges? How did we overcome these challenges?) I firmly believe everything and everyone has the ability to improve, develop, and grow. The same idea corresponds with events. All events have potential to be better. Thus why I deem it important to reflect on the events after they take place and review what can be improved upon in the future. At times, individuals across all industries forget this step and are quick to move on mentally to the next task. I recommend evaluating the outcomes of your events both successes and failures.
  5. Should go above and beyond in all of her work. Her events exemplify the dedication, time, and effort put into them. — Mediocrity is unacceptable in the event-planning industry. An event-planner’s clients are their pride and joy. It is her utmost responsibility to make them overly satisfied with the event-planning process. An event-planner builds and develops her relationships with her clients when she makes them happy, and she ultimately keeps these relationships she builds. Therefore, an event-planner should do everything they possibly can to work with her clients to create events envisioning what they want in them.
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