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Paula Hawks

Thanks for your story Paula. I was sexually abused by my maternal grandfather till I was about 14. Trump’s remarks also put me back in that terrible place where my grandfather was in a position of authority or power. Unlike you I have not had years of counseling nor family support. My brother, Bob knew and confronted him and the old man removed both of us from his will. Big deal! Thankfully the old man finally died. I am going to counseling now and have been for a few years. I have the support of friends and my cousin who is also my BFF. I know in my heart that my mom and sisters wouldn’t believe me. Her brothers wouldn’t either. My brother “my hero” passed away in a house fire. He was the only one who needed to know.

I thought I was doing better until the news of Trump’s disgusting and utterly filthy remarks. He is clearly a sexual predator. He is a sickening. I’m praying that he will not win the election. If he wins, then I will know it’s rigged.

Thank you again Paula for sharing your story. It really helps to know that I am not the only one who is having trouble getting rid of thoughts of their own sexual assault(s) because of the crude remarks of an asshole who thinks he is presidential material.

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