ConsenSys Ventures launches the Tachyon Accelerator program, starting Fall 2018.

Written collaboratively with Kavita Gupta, Annelie Chavez, and Natan Wise.

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The Ethereum ecosystem is growing at a steep exponential. When ConsenSys was founded three and a half years ago, the pace seemed fast, but that period now feels like rocking on the porch and drinking cold lemonade on a lazy summer afternoon. Since 2009 — the inception of blockchain technology — we’ve seen many thousands of blockchain projects launched globally. Great projects have emerged as many of the world’s top technologists drive the evolution of blockchain and forge the onset of the decentralized future. …

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Dear Community,

I’m reaching out to let you know that ConsenSys is launching “The Brooklyn Project,” a company and industry-wide initiative to help fulfill the promise of tokenization by addressing head-on and — we hope — solving the issues that some regulators and others have raised over the last year regarding token launches. This project will be our top priority, and we will accordingly shift resources to this project for at least the next month or two before resuming execution of token launches.

We are taking this action now, because we, as a company and an industry, have a unique opportunity to restore trust between people and institutions. By acting responsibly today, we can help make sure we are collectively able to reap the benefits of this powerful technology tomorrow. …

Ethereum Learns To Use A Fork (And Other Signs Baby Is Growing Up)

Written by Joseph Lubin, sam cassatt, and Amanda Gutterman.

We’ve been hearing some concern about Ethereum’s latest hard fork and how it affects the platform, so we thought we might explain what happened and attempt to clear up any misinformation.

Basically we think any consternation about recent (intentional and unintentional) forks or their effects is misplaced. In our view, the events of last week represent natural growing pains. …

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After Donald Trump’s election victory and watershed moment, many are excited about the possibility of change. This is true after every election -– yet we’ve seen in the past how much of the promised change actually materializes. Meanwhile, others are horrified that a man such as The Donald (or the character that was crafted for Trump to play during the election) could become the “leader of the free world” and could be respected by roughly half the country.

Many of those horrified Americans are looking for an exit. So many, in fact, that as Trump surged into the lead on Tuesday night, enough people started searching for a way out that Canada’s immigration website crashed. …

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The presidential election of 2016 is a watershed event in American and global politics. This is true for a number of reasons. What interests me most as a technologist working with blockchains, especially Ethereum, is the mounting evidence we’ve seen through its lens that the world is becoming increasingly decentralized, and that the power of decentralizing technologies to affect current and future political outcomes — and even the internal structuring of nation states — is growing exponentially.

The simplest example is how in the past, presidential candidates came straight from the halls of official authority, where they held titles as governors, senators, congressmen, etc. This year we departed from that model, fielding a candidate more likely to be caught in a government building fending off a lawsuit than writing policy. By tapping into the prevailing disenfranchisement of Main Street, this “populist” candidate was actually able to participate in the final sprint to the finish line. …


Joseph Lubin

Founder of ConsenSys, a company that develops applications and utilities for the next-generation decentralized web, and co-founder of Ethereum.

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