On this post we are going to follow to configuration and setup for server notification from Apple Store and Google Play Store when any of your app’s users purchases some subscriptions or their subscriptions status is updated.

Types of products

On this page from apple we can see the different types of products that the stores provide. In the case of the subscriptions, the store is the one that charges periodically to users, not your app or server.

Server Notifications

Each store provides a service to notify your server, so every time a subscription status is updated, our server will notify so we can handle…

In this blog I am going over the process to setup a file system to Fargate. i have wrote previously about setup different services using ECS and Fargate.

With Fargate we can run containers without configure any EC2 instance to run it, all is on the ECS Cluster, this is nice if we only need to run the container without any persistent storage.

But there might be cases when you need to persist some files from your container. For example if you want to keep the logs of your server on a text file.

One option would be to run…

I am Jose working at Threelabs, a startup in Seoul (South Korea), as a Software Engineer on the project plingo a content based platform to learn languages.

In this post we are going to go over the process to setup the automatic deployment of an API using docker on AWS ECS using AWS Pipeline.
This post continues from the migration of our architecture in AWS EC2 instances to AWS ECS. You can check the previous post:
Migrate from EC2 instances to AWS ECS (Part 1)
Migrate from EC2 instances to AWS ECS (Part 2)

First of all, I…

This post is the continuation of a series of post about the migration from AWS EC2 instances to AWS ECS using AWS Fargate to run our services at Plingo. You can read the previous post here on how we migrate our API to AWS ECS on this post.

On this post I am going to explain how we migrated our client app and how we configured the different AWS that we use to run our services.

Admin client migration

As I explained on the previous post, our admin client was running on a docker container serving a static website with webpack, and it…

I am Jose working at Threelabs, a startup in Seoul (South Korea), as a Software Engineer on the project plingo a content based platform to learn languages. We are building a mobile app powered by a Rest API, also we have a web application for the creators and another one for our admins.

Since I joined the team I worked on the develop of new features for our product, that implied to develop some features on the backend API and also on the admin API. We had 2 different systems to handle the Backend API for the mobile app and…

In this post we are going to create a graphql server with Apollo server and we are going to develop graphql subscriptions. Graphql subcriptions is the way to get notified in the client when an operation is performed in the server. The way apollo implemented subscription is with a websocket server, so the connection between the server and the client for subscriptions is made through websockets.

We are going to build a service that is going to allow to perform create, edit and retrieve operations over device resources. This device resource contains a name and location.

Along with the graphql…

How to integrate react native with couchbase lite


Couchbase is one the most promising NoSQL database available in the market and at Famoco, we like it a lot. One of the things we have been playing around here is with Couchbase Sync Gateway and Couchbase Lite for our Android devices.

In this article, I will write a brief introduction on how to use Couchbase Lite for React Native. I developed an example for the Android platform using the movie sample database that comes with it.

The React Native package usage in this article is located under the couchbaselabs directory:


The source code of the app is at…

Jose Miguel

Software Engineer, traveler. Currently working on Plingo @ threelabs in Seoul, South Korea. You can check about me here https://jmn8718.github.io/

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