Scott Newman (Republican) / Jeff Modisett (Democrat)

Bipartisan Group of Indiana Prosecutors Endorse Biden

“Law & Order” means respect for laws, consistent enforcement, fairness, fighting corruption and wise leadership — That is Joe Biden, not Donald Trump

Voters in the next presidential election will confront a gulf wider and more tumultuous than any seen in modern memory. The people who have come together to issue this statement are four of the prosecutors who have served Indianapolis and Marion County over the course of 23 years collectively. We come together as in a bipartisan manner — laying aside our political differences — to speak with one voice in endorsing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President of the United States, renouncing Donald Trump.

We believe the choice has never been clearer. The current occupant of the White House claims to promote “law and order.” We all agree that we need strength in our laws and order in our streets and neighborhoods. However, we strongly disagree with the current administration’s notion of law and order.
Responding to non-violent protests and the lawful airing of grievances by illegally deploying federal military force against civilians does not create respect for law. Nor does it even produce order. Strange as it may seem, Donald Trump has squandered his time in office with actions that place him at war with our own fellow citizens, while lavishing notorious enemies of democracy with public praise.

The same goes for interfering in prosecutions of corrupt individuals who are Donald Trump’s associates and appointees; his frequent and brazen attacks on lawful prosecutions not only suggests a dual justice system — one for the rich and one for the poor — it is the very embodiment of it, displayed for all to see.
Sowing division with rhetoric and appealing to the basest of human instincts is a recipe for what we see today on the streets of some of our major American cities. The four of us have sat in the chair at the prosecutor’s office. We are certain we can identify what helps create stable law-abiding communities, as well as what tears them apart. Respect for laws, consistent enforcement, fairness, fighting corruption, wise and calming direction — these are what we need now. These are what we lack.

We need calm, consistent, competent and experienced leadership. We have that with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We know now, Republican and Democrat alike, that we can never hope to find these attributes in Donald Trump.

While in all humility and candor we cannot fix every problem being experienced in America, collectively we can foster and model behavior our country needs and should expect. It’s not too much to expect that we, at a minimum when it is vital, can reach across the chasm between Republicans and Democrats and bring people together. This is clearly one of those critical times.

Having served Indianapolis proudly for decades, we have come together to say: let’s end the nonsense, let’s end the hatred, let’s restore respect and civility to our civic places and conversations, our laws, and our relationships.
Please vote for Biden-Harris. Thank you.

Marion County Prosecuting Attorneys

Jeff Modisett (1991–1994), Democrat
Scott Newman (1995–2002 ), Republican
Terry Curry (2011–2019), Democrat
Ryan Mears (2019-present), Democrat




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Jeff Modisett

Jeff Modisett

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