Improving diversity through engineering internship programs

Partnering with socially-conscious coding bootcamps for your internship program can form the foundation of your diversity initiative and provide access to engineering careers for traditionally underrepresented groups. Are these internships right for your company, and are you adequately prepared to host an intern?

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Part I: Incentive. Building the case for diversity and inclusion.

Diverse teams serve a diverse marketplace.

Diverse and inclusive teams improve company performance.

Lack of diversity is a cost.

Part II: Investment. Weighing the costs and benefits of engineering internships.


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Increase company and industry diversity

Investment in your talent pipeline & company reputation

Mentorship opportunities


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Cost of an internship program: direct compensation is only the tip of the iceberg.

Direct compensation

Velocity and opportunity

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Relative velocity gain/loss of adding a new developer to your team.

Program management overhead

Culture investment

Part III: Implementation. Essential features of a successful internship program.

Prepare the business

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Accept the costs

Embrace the benefits

Invest in a welcoming culture

Identify and cultivate partnerships

Prepare the team

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Identify an empathetic mentor

Identify a network

Educate key roles

Adapt process and projections

Build a learning plan

Prepare the intern

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Onboard and orient

Create experimentation space

Communicate expectations

Establish feedback channels

Jeremy heads engineering at Highspot, Inc. You'll find him promoting agile development, building inclusive teams, riding bicycles, and using Oxford commas.

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