Stefanie, I’m glad that your hard work paid off and that you are doing well as a result, but try to…
M. George Hansen

I literally made this account to respond to your comment because it is that asinine. Talia deserves every single word in Stepahnie’s response — every single drop of disdain and loathing. Talia’s letter was shameful, ignorant, condescending, arrogant, foolish and most of all, entitled. She is literally the embodiment of everything that is wrong with some people. AND MOST OF ALL, TOOK NO BLAME. NONE. I took more blame for her problems than she did and I’ve never once come even close to encountering that pathetic individual.

I think Stephanie articulated why Talia’s letter is wrong so I won’t address it here. Instead, let me tell you why your response is wrong. You asked why Stephanie “felt it necessary to express those emotions and whether they are deserved” but you should be asking yourself that. Why did you just stick up for a woman who can’t accept responsibilities for her actions? Why did you just stick up for a woman who didn’t learn anything for her mistakes? Why did you just stick up for a capable woman who would rather beg for money because it’s the easy way out? You fell right into her trap that everyone who enabled her probably did — you felt sympathy for someone who deserves none whatsoever.

Maybe if you stopped attacking people who operate in the real world, Talia would have an understanding of reality. And if she has an understanding in reality, she wouldn’t be “suffering”. You, M. George Hansen, should accept some blame for Talia… your bleeding heart enabled her instead of forcing her to learn the skills that real adults need to learn. Just keep feeling bad for her and sticking up her and probably donating to her so she doesn’t have to learn anything, work hard, understand how hard it is for other people or simply not be a “victim”.

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