CorVegas for Bronco v Beaver Ballgame

Worst push-off yet….it was going so smoothly. Trailer was in place the day before. All systems Code 1. Trailer hooked up and ready to depart for a short drive over to Burns. Loaded the dogs….then realized both sets of car keys were in the vehicle, and the dogs (culprit unknown) managed to lock the doors. They had a great time barking at us, but we couldn’t release the hounds. If we had, I may have kicked them. In the midst of it all, our neighbor Jim Hogge, who we haven’t seen much of this summer, who is also a big RVer, stopped by to chat. This was also just after I had called a locksmith to rescue us from our bone-headedness. Jim said we should have just called USAA….it’s included in our policy. Too late…..but, we had awesome locksmith response within 15 minutes and $44 later we were heading west down I-84 to the Caldwell exit….then across US20 to Nyssa.

The objective of this trip was a quick outing to Corvallis to attend the Boise State — Oregon State game with Tim and Mary; joined by Doug and Sue Parker. As noted, the departure was rocky, but we did take a big bite out of the drive on Thursday afternoon and spent the night at the Burns RV Park. We were assigned another great spot as the picture shows. It was a pleasant September evening. The next morning, as we were pulling out, we came across another Idaho plated RV pulling out of the park. It turns out it was neighbors down the street from next to Ben’s Crow Inn, the Peterson’s. Also, very coincidentally, they were enroute to the Benton County fairgrounds for ballgame parking.

We hit the road right behind the Peterson’s and made good time going over to Corvallis; arrival at 1500ish. Beaver 1 was on target about an hour later and the Parker’s arrived in their very nice Mercedes chassis Class C motorhome in the early evening. We got all lined up in a three-way parking arrangement at the Benton County Fairgrounds (see below). The Parker’s parked behind our trailers and perpendicular to form an RV line-up. The game was a blowout in the first half but a game in the second half. A beautiful Willamette Valley day with a great tailgate party….followed by Mike and Anna joining us for post-game brats and left-overs.

Cumulative Totals: 12,358 miles and 109 nights. Trip was as Google planned, except for a detour off I-84 across through Parma and Nyssa to Vale, Oregon.

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