Searching for issues in Jira can be a burden if you are not a JQL expert or don’t have too much time on your hands. During an internal hackathon at Deviniti, our Atlassian Cloud development team set out to create Context Issues, an app that solves this problem. Little did we know that we’d end up with the very first Jira app built specifically for mobile. Here’s how we did it.

Putting Jira issues in the context

Context Issues came to life while talking to one of our Service Desk agents for whom quick access to information is crucial in everyday work. Currently, to find a specific issue in Jira, you have to use Issue Navigator. It’s a very powerful tool but to make the most of it, you must know JQL and all its hidden operators. More often than not, it takes a long while to load and forces you to open a new tab in the browser if you need to keep the context of a currently viewed issue.

During Deviniti SpaceHack, our company’s first…

There are two ways to make sure that a voice is heard: to shout or to listen and wait for one’s turn. If that’s a proverb, I have never heard of it. This simple analogy came to my mind when I started thinking about designing modern websites. These days every new project must be unique, bold and packed with animations and colors. It must shout.

But what happens when everybody shouts? Nobody gets heard. With more and more brands understanding the problem and taking the slower, more considerate approach, it is possible to design for calmness and peace of mind.

Thoughts about functional design

They say that need is the mother of invention. Humans have been creating things for thousands of years. Clothes, weapons, teapots, cars, cities, even society — they are all products of our thinking. Few ideas have been born out of thin air. More often than not, objects and notions that we use today are solutions to more or less important problems. We wear clothes when we are cold (or want to hide our nonglamorous bodyparts). We drive cars when we need to get from point A to B. We buy or grow food when we’re hungry.

Our lives are filled…

  1. When I react to tenth in row notification about new posts on Instagram, I conciously pull the phone out of my pocket, unlock it, and scroll the feed.
  2. When I put away a good book to fiddle with my phone, I make this decision on my own.
  3. When I download a new app, I myself launch the app store and touch the button on the screen. I’ve never heard of a situation when a phone would install something completely on its own, without permission from the owner (excluding system updates, those usually install automatically).
  4. When I scroll Facebook posts while…

  1. I started working at technology companies at the age of fifteen. My first job was a community manager and translator for a German mobile video game maker that many of you might have heard of. I left after a year because of small tensions within the team. A few years later I learned that the company fell apart and most of their games — ingenious pieces of software that I and hundreds other fans from all around the world throughly enjoyed — became forgotten.
  2. It wasn’t long before I took the position of a technology journalist for one of the…


Every day I browse Behance and see tens, if not hundreds, of great projects published by designers I admire. I wish I was like them when I grow up. One day, while washing the dishes, a great idea comes to my mind. I decide to turn it into a project. I want to become Behance famous.

I can’t possibly understand what’s going on in the heads of thousands of designers from all around the world, but I know I am guilty of such thoughts from time to time. I want to make beautiful UIs, comb them together into breathtaking presentations…

Some time ago I got rid of the Internet at home. It was a difficult but necessary decision to make, because I realized that I had become too reliant on constant online connection and started missing out on the real life.

Quitting the Internet was also an important step to my never-ending journey to simplifying my life. As a minimalist-at-heart, I often feel an urge to cut down on the unnecessary to bring focus to the important. …

Easy answers to life’s biggest questions

Life has a tendency to get all busy and complicated from time to time. We are often forced to make important decisions under the pressure of time, follow directions we are not certain of, and do things that we do not like. That leaves very little space for thoughts and joy. But does it really have to be that way?

Our lives are more hectic than ever, but it does not mean that we cannot change it. While it may seem messy and confusing, in reality a large part of life can be stripped down to a few basic rules…


A few weeks ago my Mom, aged 52, told me that she’s looking for a new phone. Her Nokia 215 started to behave weirdly and spontaneously restore factory defaults every other day. However simple they may seem, dumb phones are not less troublesome than modern smartphones. Her previous phone, a colorful clamshell made by Alcatel, was buried in the drawer due to terrible battery life. Two Samsung flip phones and an old Motorola met a similar fate.

However simple they may seem, dumb phones are not less troublesome than modern smartphones.

It always hurt me to look at my Mom’s…

Watch and learn. Photo: SkyGate

I am a junior graphic designer now, but when I first started looking for an internship a year ago, I did not know what to expect. I was still at school and my head was full of hopes and fears.

I did not feel prepared for entering the field as a young professional because the communication design course I took at the university was mostly theoretical.

I was looking for advice on the Internet, browsing design-related websites, in the hope of coming accross articles written by people who’d been there, done that. …

Jarosław Morawski

UX Designer and Product Owner at Deviniti — a Platinum Solution Partner Enterprise and a Platinium Top Vendor in the Ecosystem.

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