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In a 2009 Wall Street Journal piece, long term Republican fixture Karl Rove assaulted then-President Barack Obama over what would come to be known in Right-Wing media circles as the infamous “apology tour”. Rove’s op-ed lambasted Obama for underestimating the threats the United States faced on the world stage, forsaking sound geopolitical policy in pursuit of personal praise both at home and abroad. The article ends with the assertion that:

A superstar, not a statesman, today leads our country. That may win short-term applause from foreign audiences, but do little for what should be the chief foreign policy preoccupation of…

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Featured on the cover of Yuval Levin’s “Fractured Republic”; a potent reminder that the French-Ahmari debate misses the larger problem — and conservatism’s higher calling.

The recent conservative intramural spat between National Review’s David French and the New York Post’s Sohrab Ahmari has opened a dialogue on the Right about what our ideological framework, policy preferences, and litmus test for acceptable political tactics ought to be. The interesting thing to look at in this proxy exchange between an emerging post-liberalism faction and the remnants of the post-war consensus is not their differences of opinion, but the shared lack of a concrete path forward.

In Ahmari’s opening broadside in First Things, he cites Irving Kristol in characterizing ‘Frenchism’ as, “…more a persuasion or a sensibility than…

*Spoiler Warning: This post discusses events depicted in Game of Thrones’ Season 8 Episode 5 “The Bells”. If you have not yet viewed the episode, refrain from reading further. ***

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This past Sunday, the millions of viewers who tuned in to watch Game of Thrones’ latest episode were treated to a shocking spectacle of destruction as Daenerys Targaryen gave new meaning to her House’s words — “Fire and Blood”. The Mother of Dragons laid waste to the city of King’s Landing, utterly obliterating Westeros’ seat of royal power and claiming the lives of thousands in a fiery maelstrom. …

In the wake of the Orlando shootings, with a community in mourning and a nation reeling, the talking inevitably begins. Americans like to tackle the big problems and after horrific incidents like what occurred at the Pulse nightclub we’ve shown no indication of breaking from form. Turn on any cable news channel or scroll through any relevant avenue of social media and you won’t be able to escape from the discussion.

Is it finally time our leaders took a measured crack at implementing increased regulation of firearms? What is the condition of how we treat our mentally ill and how…

Joe Moresky

Recovering political professional hiding in Higher Education. I write about electoral trends, institutional confidence, and your average existential crisis.

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