Drive Chevy

Need to Dominate

In this commercial random people are asked three questions about the best in class pick up trucks. They have a choice between Chevy, ford, and ram. After giving their guesses, the doors unreal that the best truck brand in each class is Chevy. In this commercial, they utilize need to dominate because the best in class truck brand is Chevy so why by anything else that does not compare to them?

This commercial was shown during halftime of a national football game and it showed the viewer that the best brand pick up truck is Chevy. Chevy dominated any other brand truck in all of the classes. No truck can compare to the ones that Chevy are manufacturing. Also, having the other truck brands in the commercial, (ram and ford) it really makes those other brands look bad. It’s trying to tell the viewer they shouldn’t buy a truck that isn’t the best in its class. Chevy sets themselves above all the other brands of trucks by being the best of the best and that is their selling point. When people now go out to buy a truck, they know that Chevy is the best in class and that is the brand of truck they should get.

This commercial was need to dominate because it makes out the Chevy truck to be very outstanding. Any other kind of truck is bad and can’t be compared to Chevy. With Chevy being top in every category, there shouldn’t be any competition with them.

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