Day one

You’re going through your day and something, a little thing that you know you can manage happens, and you focus on it, you can’t help it, you just do.

It become everything, its huge, it is the most dangerous thing ever, and its overwhelming. A heavy dark smothering blanket that engulfs you.

You cannot stop thinking about this one thing.

You cannot escape, you know its a problem you can easily solve, but you cannot see past this one thing.

You’re drowning.

And no one, nobody, cares.

You are alone.



Its Dark.

You cannot breath

You panic

You fight the tide when you should relax and ride the wave

You know what you should do but ..

You’re scared.

Your stomach tuns and everything around this one situation goes dark.

Totally, completely alone

That’s anxiety

That’s my day

Every day


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