On Being Single and over 40 in 2017

or how to become a crazy cat person without even trying

Being single is easier when you are younger, social and work interactions tend to throw you in with similar souls that think and do things that complement you and your interests. The ball as they say, is in your court.

As you get older however, being single gets tougher, your piers pair off, have relationships, have families and their social circles reflect the change in their priorities .The single person can, if they are not careful, get left behind.

The plus one dilemma

Sooner or later the single person will face this problem, and it gets worse as time goes on, the invites, when they come, will invariably have the dreaded..’Plus one’.


Now you are faced with the unenviable decision, either

Find a date,

IUf it were that easy then the problem woudnt exist in the fitst place!

Go alone

and face:

oh you cane alone here meet Helen she’s also on her own you two have so much in common

No, no we really dont.

Or don’t go

And you’ll not be invited again, to anything ever, this is how crazy cat person is born.

If you are an introvert (or just don’t like people) then this becomes doubly troublesome as, you want to go out, but at the same time really don’t.

So there it is

I am over 40,

I am single

and I long ago gave up trying not to be

I’m a nice guy, all the hair I have is my own, I stay in shape and am in better physical condition than most guys half may age (fact) I have a relatively good job, only a few bad habits, a car, a house and I can cook!!!

So why single?

In the age of social media, likes and pokes and snapchat twittering, actually meeting people, real live people, that you can touch, ( in a totally platonic and not at all inappropriate way, unless they want you to) is really really hard.

No one wants to meet IRL any more, no one drops in for coffee and the art of conversation is being over taken by textspeak


It has been suggested i try speed dating, as if anything was more likely to put you in the same room as a rampant bunny boiling axe murder as 5 minutes to decide if this person is OK to go on a personal private date to some secluded spot never to return..!

Did i mention over active imagination?

Ah well there you are then

When you are over a certain age, most of the people you meet may age are


Damaged (more than you are)

Addicted to wine

addicted to soaps

All of the above.

I eat well, keep active and my second home is the gym, and all the people I meet are 20 years younger than me and no doubt look on me a ‘dad’.

This is doubly depressing because I still don’t know what I want to do when I grow up and I’m definitely too young to be too old, if you know what i mean!?!

So maybe I’ll just have to accept that being single is where its at, and you just have to deal with the cards you are dealt.

I’m single and over 40 in the 21st century and i guess I’ll just have to accept that.

Now, where do i get a cat from…or maybe two….


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