That Dreadful Feeling….Homesickness

That Dreadful Feeling…. Homesickness.

You’ve seen this everywhere. Maybe someone on a TV show has felt this way, someone in a movie, a friend, or maybe even you have felt this one feeling that can make someone feel so empty inside. What on earth can this feeling be? Yes, you’ve guessed it: homesickness. In fact, the people who feel homesick the most are people like me, college students. Why is this? Most college students aren’t used to being on their own, and some have never once moved in their entire lives; no wonder so many college students feel that deadly feeling of homesickness.

However, which particular college students have actually felt homesick? College is a frightening and scary place, and if you’re a college student who has a fear of feeling homesick or are someone who has felt homesick in the past, then keep exploring this article to dig deeper into how to help cope with this scary feeling of homesickness.

A question that I could not figure out the answer to was why college students actually experience homesickness. From an article called, College: Redefining Home for Students Everywhere, Alexa Palermo explained that she studied abroad one year and for her she felt very homesick throughout her journey. Alexa explains, “However, not every place I lived felt like home. For example, studying abroad in Paris for four months during my first semester of freshman year was an amazing experience that I will treasure forever, but it was an unexpected journey that I found difficult at times. I loved living in Paris, but I found myself wanting to go home.” This student studying abroad had an amazing experience but felt very homesick along the way. I decided to dig deeper in this article to figure out why this individual missed home so much and a couple points really stood out to me. Alexa explained that she missed home because being home made her feel content and at peace with the familiarity around her, and she explained that she had very close relationships with her friends and family. Could this be why some college students feel homesick more than other?

I decided to get more input on homesickness and why students feel this way. A person I interviewed was asked multiple questions regarding homesickness and if they have felt it in the past. The interviewee explained, “yes, I have felt homesick multiple times, but this is because I have amazing relationships with my friends’ back home. I love my home, and it will be always mean so much to me.” A connection between this interviewee and Alexa was that they both loved their home and developed relationships with people back home that will be there for a lifetime. I started thinking, maybe the relationships people have with people back home is a key component that determines if a student experiences homesickness or not. I decided to interview one more college student to better understand my findings.

While being asked about homesickness, the last interviewee explained that she didn’t ever feel homesick. I was a little bit surprised because so many people explained to me they felt homesick. I asked the interviewee why she didn’t feel homesick, and she responded with, “I think a big reason why I haven’t felt homesick is because there is nothing at home for me. I’m not close with my family, I don’t have very many friends back at home for me, and college is my new home.” This final interview proved what I theorized. College students with stronger and heathier relationships with family members back home tend to feel a lot more homesick than other who aren’t as close with their families.

A lot of college students have dealt with being homesick, but college students who are closer with their families and friends back home tend to feel a lot more homesick than anyone else. This is in fact true. The relationships developed back home are a key component of homesickness, so think about this. If you have felt homesick, think about your family, friends and the relationships you have with them because let me tell you something, this might be the main reason you feel homesick. In the end, having those important, healthy relationships back home is worth dealing with homesickness and the sadness it may bring.

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