Mount Vernon City Hall
Elks Building
First Knox National Bank

They are signs of another time.

Fallout shelter signs were usually placed on buildings because of their shielding capabilities from nuclear radiation. (Alpha, Beta and Gamma rays can really ruin a day.)

In Mount Vernon, Ohio, there are five easy to find shelters, all around the Public Square. A local bank, a local fraternal order and the city hall are have these placed on the exterior wall. Another location is the catholic school just a block east of the downtown. There could be more but I haven’t been able to find them.


Nuclear fallout is still a bit of a modern issue, though not like the Cold War era days of duck and cover. There are threats of a dirty bomb or a nuclear accident. Living in Ohio, you’d think that the former would be less of a worry. The Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station, near Oak Harbor, Ohio has been two of the top five nuclear incidents since 1979.

I would drive by the Davis-Besse plant all the time when I would travel to Toledo (The scenery on Route 23 isn’t as exciting.) The area around the plant was bleak and abysmmal. You had a sense that if you were going to stay around, it wasn’t going to be for long. The plant seemed to start having problems around 2002 and to this day, continues to have incidents.

Local YMCA
St. Vincent Catholic School

Fallout shelter signs were my theme for the month of April 2016.

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