This post has flags

A small town in Ohio has some interesting flags hanging around

A Conferdate flag hangs from a back porch in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

When I walk about town, I’m always looking for something that is different. Each block seems to have it’s own character, but one thing I found, are the various flag displays. My photo theme for the month of August was flags.

There are flags that celebrate auto racing, heritage, patriotism and in one case, controversy. I don’t want to weigh in on the Confederate flag debate. I think a Confederate flag flying in a Union state seems a bit awkward. If at least, you need to have an background check to see if anyone in your family fought for the rebels in order to hang the flag. Outside of that, it’s just silly.

Left Photo: Nascar flags hang with pride. Center Photo: American flags dot both side of North Main Street. Right Photo: Greek Flags align the fire escape above the Greek restaurant
Left Photo: An American flag hangs upside down. Right photo: An Italian flag flies near a bakery.