Week of Photos: May 6 — May 12

In trying to get back into writing and posting on Medium, I’m going to showcase a few photos I captured each week.

Danville Blue Devils baseball pitcher Skyler Durbin winds up to deliver a pitch on Thursday, May 11.
A Fredericktown High School student, portaying a dead body at a mock crash smiles before getting into position. Local first responders staged a fake crash to illustrate the dangers of distracted driving.
A Fredericktown firefighter demonstrates the jaws of life during a mock crash.
During a mock crash event at Fredericktown High School, a student captured the action with her iPhone.
A traffic study will begin this week outside the village of Gambier.
Three fisherman have their trout measured and recorded during the recent Kids Fishing Derby at Ariel-Foundation Park on Saturday, May 6th.
A student lays on the hood of a car portraying an ejected victim of a car crash at Fredericktown High School. The mock crash was held to demonstrate the dangers of distracted driving.
Detective Lieutenant Craig Feeney of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office speaks at a recent town hall dealing with the drug epidemic in Knox County, Ohio.
A geo-thermal well was drilled on West Vine Street in Mount Vernon, Ohio this week. The well will allow heating and cool throughout the Woodward Opera House, pumping over 400 gallons per minute through the theater complex.