If the web loses net neutrality, independent musicians will lose their careers.
Jesse von Doom

Amen, amen, amen!!! The only hope for modern artists to make a living independent of an industry that will just seek to exploit them is net neutrality. So it is no wonder the telecommunications and media industry wants this to happen.

The music industry saw a huge decline in the early age of the internet. Since then the conglomerates that own music subsidiaries have sort ways to revive their golden goose and may have finally found one. The only difference from the past will be that instead of being ripped off by a record company, the artist will now be ripped off by a telecommunications company.

Here is a quick way to test any issue like net neutrality: is the controlling industry for it or against it? And part two is this: does any large corporate entity have your best interests in mind? Set aside the morality of the issue. I accept that corporations are soulless and that is not their purpose.

So what do you suppose you will ultimately stand to gain in this issue as a consumer and at what cost to yourself and society at large? Moreover, the counter argument should not be resignation and to say it has already happened because Google, Facebook etc, You never know what could be innovated. But once this happens, we may indeed never know. So sad!!!

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