The Resilience of the Music Snob
Peter Sulley

Context matters as regards a Guilty Pleasure. Obviously Walking on Sunshine wouldn’t work at a funeral and I would be wary of teeing up Salt & Pepper’s Whatta Man at a biker bar. Then again, Whatta Man is just a rewrite of the Stax single What A Man and would anybody classify any gritty, soulful Stax number as a guilty pleasure to be listened too in private?

I am also reminded of the scene early on in the brilliant Office Space when the Michael Bolton character is stuck in a traffic jam and is listening to gangster rap. But context can be partly overcome by a great mix. I like to throw in a few guilty pleasures in a long mix. I think it can work.

As to snobby, I have come to the realization that people like what they like no matter how dreadful it might be to me but more importantly good on them. I just try and change the subject or find some other common ground. Once again, I am reminded of Office Space when the Michael Bolton character is asked to name his favorite Michael Bolton song.

Enjoyed it and keep up the good work!