23 Hours: Fighting Boredom and Monotony on Tour
Nick Spreigl

I have seen great live music shows and some ok ones. The ok were almost always a product of audience indifference. I am talking about bars to stadiums and I go back to 1979 for my first show.

I have always heard the road is terrible. Which would explain the dozens of road songs that empathize with that point of view. That said, try living in the suburbs and commuting 20 to 60 miles a day to go to work. I assure you it ain’t a trill a minute.

It would be great if we all found meaning and self-satisfaction in the careers we choose. Sometimes, however, that just ain’t in the cards and you make do for your family obligations. In my mind, life as a working musician sounds like it should have more potential for self-fulfillment. As a non-musician I wouldn’t know for sure but as an Office worker, I can once again say, try the alternative.

I hope you find the joy in what you do. At so many of the great shows I have seen over the years, the joy seems to be there no matter the hardships of the road. It seems to be a shared experience between the artist and the audience. If it’s missing then I would suggest a different musical situation because the alternatives have little potential not as compared to what you may one day experience. I hope so for your sake.

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