Top Ten Betsy DeVos Department of Education Policy Memos

1) The Upside of Crushing Student Debt.

2) The Previously Unheard of Biblical Prohibition on Teachers Unions…it’s way, way in the back there.

3) What My Brother the War Criminal Taught Me.

4) How To Field Dress A Grizzly On School Grounds.

5) Education Is Overrated.

6) Logistics of Moving All US Public Schools To Europe.

7) Appointing Morgan Freeman Back Into That EZ Reader Character from The Electric Company.

8) How Is It We Can Teach a Giant Yellow Bird The Alphabet And Not Human Kids?

9) Promotional Campaign Idea: This Is Your Brain on Education…Not Drugs.

10) Why Be a Teacher When It Is Much More Lucrative To Be a Know Nothing Partisan Flack Who Inherited A Vast Fortune and Believes That Entitles Her To Force Crackpot Policies On People Who Need Real Solutions To Complex Problems. AKA My Departmental Biography.