Top Ten Budgeting Tips From Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin

1) Oil and gas reserve depletion allowances should be maximized in cash surplus years. Either that or look for double coupons promotions at Food Lion.

2) When short on cash just do what I do, print more.

3) Lottery winnings can be offset by gambling losses…You poor hopeless bastards…

4) Be born on third base and claim a triple in the box score.

5) The death tax can be avoided by not dying this year.

6) Around Goldman Sachs we referred to money as “loot” maybe that will fool the IRS.

7) The Obamacare insurance mandate can be avoided by a few key campaign contributions.

8) Hellman’s Mayonnaise is still called Best west of the Rockies…seriously.

9) The deduction for your home office doesn’t count if you live in a cardboard box under the highway overpass.

10) If you could only see them Trump tax returns. Now there is an accountant who knows his vodka if you catch my drift….