Top Ten Things Kris Kobach Also Believes In

1) A majority of Kansas voters will actually elect him governor without massive voter fraud.

2) Nobody really wants to punch him in his weaselly face.

3) The identity of the second gunman on the grassy knoll? An Arkansas State Trooper under the direction of Hillary Rodham Clinton of course.

4) Folders are some sort of Commie Plot.

5) Proof of identity should also be required before you can order at Shake Shack.

6) We never landed on the moon. It was all a massive hoax that required the participation of hundreds of thousands of public and private sector citizens around the world just to fool the immediate Kobach family and their uncle Jasper.

7) Nobody really spells Kris with a Ch…

8) The smoking gun of most conspiracy theories is almost never an actual smoking gun…Who would have thunk?

9) Toto, Tinman and most of them Munchkins all illegally voted in Kansas.

10) Hillary Clinton won the popular vote. He may be cynical but he ain’t stupid.